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Rachel Vancelette: Mobilizes the art world to support global pandemic relief

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PUZZLES WITH PURPOSE: Puzzling Through The Pandemic with ARTXPUZZLES by Alyssa Fisher

Metropolitan Magazine 2021 Winter Issue: Cover Founder Rachel Vancelette of ARTXPUZZLES: Puzzles with Purpose

Published: 2021


In The Pursuit Of Art X Fashion X Technology Launches On Your Home TV Streaming Network with Kathy Ireland | Yahoo Finance

Host Rachel Vancelette sits down with luminaries from the creative industries such as Martha Stewart, Anna Wintour, Artist/Actor Billy Zane, Fashion Designers Phillipe and David Blond, Dennis Basso, with highlights including Maye Musk, Beverly Johnson, Candace Bushnell, and more.

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Your Home TV is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest lifestyle show, "In the Pursuit of Art, Fashion and Technology", hosted by the dynamic and multi-talented entrepreneur, Rachel Vancelette, a leading contributor to Vogue Italia and other top fashion and art publications. Vancelette's new streaming channel promises to captivate audiences by exploring topics at the intersection of creativity, style, and technological advancements, offering viewers a unique and engaging perspective on the evolving world of art, fashion, and technology.

"We are delighted to welcomeRachel Vancelette Global Art Acquisitionto Your Home TV. Rachel is a leading and celebrated expert in the art and fashion world, and we are looking forward to bringing "In Pursuit of Art, Fashion, and Technology" to Your Home TV viewers." says,Kathy Ireland, chief brand strategist,Your Home TV.

September 2023

Rachel Vancelette: Art X Puzzles | Inteview with Nicollette Ramierz

Interview with founder Rachel Vancelette of ART X PUZZLES.

The Beez and Honey Podcast, or The Podcast for short, is an oral history of the contemporary art world covering everything about Art. I’ll be inviting people from all areas of the art field to discuss everything from sustainability to technology. Expect input from artists, curators, collectors, gallerists, art dealers and unexpected voices not part of the mainstream discourse which often centers around the price of art.

Published: December 2020

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The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Art Basel by Ted Loos

The usual trip to Miami is all about sunshine. But each December, the brilliance comes not from the sky but from the artistic talent on display, when Art Basel in Miami Beach rolls into town. This year marks the 17th edition of the art fair—a veritable smorgasbord of creativity, taking place in the Convention Center December 6 to 9 and featuring 268 galleries from 34 countries. To help first-timers hit the high points, we asked some of the art world’s most influential people for their “must-do” list when in Miami and Miami Beach for the fair. Here’s what they said.

Rachel Vancelette: Art and Fashion Adviser Published December 2018



As seen in Vanity Fair, Robb Report, Collosal, Whitewall, Whitehot and other key outlets. TV Coverage: Good Day New York: Hero of the Day

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Il Sole 24 Ore | Collezioni-investimento globali by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli

In global collecting, exhibiting work becomes important as well as buying in a single investment strategy that focuses on visibility and awareness, explains Vancelette.

How do you orient yourself to choose the right piece of an artist?

There are many variations in the choice: the most important thing is to know the artist and discuss the work with them, and very often there is a close relationship of friendship that develops over time.

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Artifacts | The Curse of 57th Street by Linda Yablonsky

The managing director, Rachel Vancelette, came to her job after stints with the Barbara Gladstone and Yvon Lambert galleries. But fordProject will not represent individual artists. Instead, Goossens will select independent curators to organize exhibitions of works either consigned to or commissioned by the gallery, and Vancelette will sell them.


Observer | Japanese Exhibition "Reflections" by Dan Durray

Rachel Vancelette, the director who curated the show, is passionate about the project. In fact, she left the US in April 2010 to organize it, after the tsunami and earthquakes that paralyzed the country fueled fears of nuclear fallout.

“Personally, it was a privilege to lend support during these difficult times.” She wrote in an email to The Observer. “It was a reflective moment for the world. I found the younger generation of painters were expressing an inner personal dialogue fused with their overall view of Japanese society.”

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ARTNEWS | Yvon Lambert Takes Giant Lot 61 Space in Chelsea | 2007 by Sarah Douglas

The 5,500-square-foot space, which is to be designed by Richard Gluckman, is slated to open in March 2007, according to Rachel Vancelette, senior director of Lambert’s current New York space at 564 W. 25th St.

Vancelette says the gallery began looking for a new space last September, with plans to expand its program in New York. Lambert, who celebrates his 40 Anniversary as a dealer this year, and whose sizable private collection of contemporary art is on view in a private museum in Avignon, France, opened his present New York space three years ago.

According to Vancelette, Lambert has not yet decided whether he will retain that space after opening the new one. Vancelette says Gluckman’s design plans for the new, column-free space include adding even more skylights to already numerous ones that exist, evoking Lambert’s light-filled gallery at 108, Rue Vieille du Temple in Paris, the ceiling of which is made almost entirely of glass.

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Mario Testino "At Home" 2007

Mario Testino, best known as a fashion photographer, is also a respected art collector, art collaborator and tastemaker. 

"At Home" showcased the talents of artists such as John Stezaker, Glenn Ligon, Anne Collier, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nicola Tyson, and Anselm Reyle, as chosen by someone with a unique understanding of imagery, in collaboration with Yvon Lambert and lead by Rachel Vancelette Senior Director and YL team, the special installation by Mario Testino focused not merely on art as something to look at, but how we look at it—and, moreover, how we live with it. It is an examination, both playful and serious, of paintings as decoration, as well as works of art, valued for their form and color as much as their content and authorship. Testino transformed the gallery into his ideal showcase: not a blank space where a painting becomes a fetishized object away from the context of everyday life, but a drawing room in which each painting has to survive and flourish as part of a rich community, allowing us to examine how works of art inform each other and their surroundings as well as ourselves.

Memory Maker by Sara Roffino | Art + Auction

Curator Rachel Vancelette explains that “Juan’s conceptual work in monumental spaces communicates his transformational processes in a unique and profound way. Both in public and private spheres, he consistently reminds his international audiences of current and ancient architectural memories.”


ARTNET: Late ‘Star Trek’ Actor Anton Yelchin Had a Secret Passion for Photography. Now See His Work for the First Time by Eileen Kinsella

Yelchin’s photography “evokes a wide range of emotions throughout the exhibition,” said Vancelette.  “As a curator, you only hope that the vision you have for hanging the work speaks to the artist intentions and provides an insight into his process itself.”

Vancelette said stories about individual works from the artist’s family and friends continue to unfold, “which creates an amazing oral history.” Fifty-three photos were selected for the show.  


Real People: Anton Yelchin’s “Provocative Beauty” Exhibition by Valerie McPhail

Vancelette speaks on behalf of those who knew the artist that lived with “generosity of spirit, and took time with people.” His portraiture work reveals a connection to those who may be naturally overlooked or mistaken.


Vanity Fair | Meet Anton Yelchin Photographer by Kenize Bryant: 2017

Vancelette told Vanity Fair the day after the show’s opening night that the process of selecting photos felt slightly transgressive and intimate. “It was like looking through someone’s diary,” she said. “It was like looking through someone's evaluation of how their life was. Not to know the person and not be able to ask him what his thoughts are or what he would want is a complicated task as a curator.”

“You want to make sure that the family, the friends, and everyone who knew him in life felt like it was to the level of what they would want him to have,” she added.

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Vanity Fair

Interview with Rachel Vancelette on I-Heart Radio

Moment of Xen on IHeart Radio Sotheby's Inst. of Art Metaversity Program Redefining Art Galleries? ft. Rachel Vancelette Ep86 

Published 2023

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A Sick Bus Takes Ill at Art Basel Miami

Sick Bus Takes Ill at Art Basel Miami

One performance art project chugged to a halt at Art Basel Miami Beach yesterday, The Miami Herald reports.

The Elegant Sick Bus, by Albanian artist Sislej Xhafa in which 30 workers were to push a chrome-painted city bus two blocks—had to be rescheduled when the bus failed to start.

''It started up fine yesterday,'' said Rachel Vancelette, a representative from Gallery Yvon Lambert (New York), which represents Xhafa and funded the project. The air brakes on the bus would not release until the bus was running, but after an hour of trying, workers were unable to get the bus to start.

''It's a sick bus,'' Xhafa said.

The bus, which Xhafa said represents the evils of tourism and issues of immigration, will eventually be parked in front of Art Basel’s Art Positions section—just as soon as they can move it there.


Louisiana ArtWorks edges toward completion by Keith L. Marszalek

Louisiana ArtWorks' series of free discussions on visual contemporary art continues and for the first time is offered inside of the partially completed mega-art complex. A panel of experts, including Dan Cameron, director of visual arts, Contemporary Arts Center; Jonathan Ferrara, artist and gallery owner; Diane Villani, owner and director, Diane Villani Editions; and Rachel Vancelette, director, Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York, will discuss art and commerce and the effects of galleries, fairs and biennials on the art marketplace

Barbara Rose a cena con Andy Warhol, questo 11 giugno avrebbe compiuto 85 anni

Rachel Vancelette, proprietaria di Vancelette Global Art Acquisitions Corp e collaboratrice di prestigiose riviste tra cui Metropolitan Magazine e Vogue Italia, ha fondato nel 2020 ARTXPUZZLES, Puzzle with Purpose in risposta alla pandemia Covid-19, con lo scopo di raccogliere fondi a favore di cause umanitarie e a supporto degli artisti in difficoltà. Rachel Vancelette, legata da una lunga amicizia alla storica dell'arte e critico Barbara Rose morta il 25 dicembre scorso, ha deciso di dedicare una nuova Capsule Collection estiva alla memoria dell'amica che questo 11 giugno avrebbe compiuto 85 anni. L'iniziativa Global Curator Choice 2021 ha selezionato otto artisti contemporanei scelti tra gli amici personali di Barbara Rose: gli italiani Rossella Vasta, Arturo Casanova, Bruno Ceccobelli e Nino Longobardi, gli americani Carolyn Blackwood, Don Kimes, Paul Manes e lo spagnolo Juan Garaizabal.


NEW YORK: gallerie low cost | FORDPROJECT espouse artists rappresentati da altre gallery, cosi riduce i costa

Published 2011

Tribeca's Six Cortlandt Alley Loft



TECHNOLOGY SECTOR:  Creative Collaborations | Our History

TECHNOLOGY SECTOR: Creative Collaborations | Our History

Vancelette Inc. in 2016, launched its first iPHONE apps to the Apple Store.A flashback to our early daily apps at the APPLE STORE. New original des...
Interview with artists and designers for HOPE Exhibition: What does "Hope" means to you? | Curating Around the World

Interview with artists and designers for HOPE Exhibition: What does "Hope" means to you? | Curating Around the World

Artists personal dedication to the Anton Yelchin Foundation, presented their thoughts on the meaning of "HOPE" Interview by Rachel Vancelette (Clic...
Interview with artists on the term Actionism? |  Exhibition Opulent Landscapes by Rachel Vancelette | Curating Around the World

Interview with artists on the term Actionism? | Exhibition Opulent Landscapes by Rachel Vancelette | Curating Around the World

“What is your definition of ‘Actionism’ today?” The question was posed by the curator, Rachel Vancelette, in an effort to have the term redefined i...
Surveillance curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2009

Surveillance curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2009

REFLECTIONS curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2011

REFLECTIONS curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2011

COLORED LIGHT | SUMMER SELECT curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2017 | Curatorial Programming

COLORED LIGHT | SUMMER SELECT curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2017 | Curatorial Programming

NEW YORK—De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming group exhibition, COLORED LIGHT | SUMMER SELECT. The exhibition will be on view from J...
The French iteration of Opulent Landscapes travel to Saint-Paul De Vence | 2017

The French iteration of Opulent Landscapes travel to Saint-Paul De Vence | 2017

The original exhibition in New York City travel for a summer with a smaller selection from the larger showcased in New York Chelsea Gallery. SAINT...
Opulent Landscapes curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2017 | Curatorial Programming

Opulent Landscapes curated by Rachel Vancelette | 2017 | Curatorial Programming

ARTISTS Left to Right |  Martin Kline, Jeff Gibson, Juan Garaizabal and Robert Lazzarini. NEW YORK – De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce Opulen...
Ford Project | Curatorial Programming Rachel Vancelette | Blacklots + F/P | 2012

Ford Project | Curatorial Programming Rachel Vancelette | Blacklots + F/P | 2012

For immediate Release: Opulent Vision | January 17 – February 17, 2012 NEW YORK, January 4, 2012–fordPROJECT is pleased to announce a group exhi...

Editor at Large | Art + TECH + Fashion + Travel + Lifestyle

Contributions + Articles


The art market consistently looks for ways to expand, evolve and innovate. The latest art masterpiece portfolio fund is undoubtedly moving to diversify your investment portfolio with the click of a button.Over the last few years, new emerging art funds such as, Yield Street, and Particle, have arrived on the art world and financial scene, offering new fractional ownership options. This news is compelling investors to investigate and invest like never before in the modern and contemporary art market. These innovative art funds provide access to their analytic financial platforms that, in some cases, only requires minimum entry investments as low as $20 USD. Artwork for the price of your morning coffee in London?

Published: July 2022



TEFAF Maastricht, established in 1988 and TEFAF NY launched in 2016 continues to be the world's most important and influential art fair. Both encompass and present over 7000 years of art history and currently the fairs are making a grand return for 2022. TEFAF's Chairman Hidde van Seggelen sat down to speak about TEFAF's recent return to New York, after a notable absence on the art and design calendars for the last two years.

Published: July 2022

25A Magazine

10th Anniversary Celebration spawns a second colorful fashion collaboration with international artist Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuttion | ART X FASHION by Rachel Vancelette

Louis Vuitton recently announced the latest new collaboration with contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who continues to be sought after by art and fashion enthusiasts alike. Many recount the most recent spring sale in 2019 of Kusama's artwork Interminable Net #4, 1959, which went for a staggering 14.8 million USD at Sotheby's Hong Kong Contemporary Art Sales shattering records for the artist. At 92, Kusma has become the very first woman in the top 10 global artists with the best-ever annual auction total from the sale of over 700 lots, according to Her international celebrity continues to bring color to our lives, leaving us wanting more! 

Published: June 2022

25A Magazine


Verbier Switzerland is the international posh playground welcoming a glitzy après-ski scene, including celebrities, royals, alpine insiders, and backcountry explorers. Escape to a premiere ski destination for the essential escape and grab an adrenal rush for a fantastic adventure in the mountains. Even Prince Harry escaped to Verbier just before his nuptials to Megan Markle! Often going under the radar, Verbier is packed with excellent options for travelers, including art hopping, fondue tasting, skiing and mountain adventures

Published: June 2022

25A Magazine

Posen Power in Soho NYC | A visit to Stephen Posen’s home and art studio by Rachel Vancelette

Stephen Posen's art studio is a striking reminder of the famed days when contemporary artists first colonized the cast-iron buildings of Soho during the 1960-70s. The studio designed to house some of Posen's most prize possessions includes an extensive art library, a vintage hat and hat stand collection, a selection of vintage land-cameras along with some special belongings that Posen himself recovered abandoned right on the New York City streets. The personal collections are daily reminders of his international travels both near and far. These influences can be seen in his multiple-year series of photographs focused on items from local flea markets, exotic locals and quiet scenes from the Posen family farm in nearby Pennsylvania.

Published: April 2022

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach

Fries! The Movie Tempts our Tastebuds at the Tribeca Film Festival 2021. Quickfire Interview Series by Rachel D. Vancelette

The 20th year of Tribeca Film Festival breaks out with a new outdoor worldwide premiere and a very special online experience for film lovers around the world.

A very special outdoor premiere screening of the Fries! The Movie took place in New York produced by Zero Point Zero, who also produced the multi-Emmy and Peabody Award winning CNN series “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.”  For the food lover in all of us, this spirited and engaging documentary includes appearances by New York Times bestselling-author and TV and social media personality Chrissy Teigenbest-selling author, contributor of The New Yorker, and host of the hit podcast “Revisionist History” Malcolm Gladwell, world-renowned Michelin Star chef Eric Ripert, founder and president of the Museum of Food and Drink Dave Arnold, and co-founder of Sir Kensington Scott Norton.  Each is providing their own insight and thoughts on the food we all love so dearly - “the french-fry.”  Some may recall the French Fry exhibition with Sir Kensington years ago with some fabulous resin French fries on display, and/or perhaps the last time you tasted a great ketchup and/or condiment from our favorite Sir Kensington choices which certainly have taken over households worldwide over the last few years.

Published: August 2021

Metropolitan Magazine

MASKS — CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS STEP UP DURING COVID19 Art x Fashion x Masks by Rachel Vancelette

The history of masks is probably as old as man although thousands of years ago the materials that were used disintegrated and were lost, so the oldest intact mask found is only about 7000 years old. Used not only for medical protection as we are doing today during the pandemic, the earliest record of masks for medical protection is when 2 surgeons in 1897 wore them to operate.

The earliest use of masks is thought to be for rituals and ceremonies, however, the list is almost too long to enumerate the multiple uses of masks in most cultures around the globe: religious ceremony, shamanic rituals, dance masks, in Japan to protect others from infections, for theater, disguise, entertainment, to communicate with the dead or with animals, offerings to the gods, for hunting, feasts, wars, performances, theatres, fashion, sports, movies, as well as in medical, protective or occupational purposes. Today, several top contemporary artists have joined their art with public need and are producing unique art collector’s masks, adding a bit of visual joy to uplift us during a depressing time in our history. The following artists are bringing artist’s masks to the general public in an effort to help and support the effort to fight Covid19.

Published August 2020



In the elite upper strata of the Art World, particularly the auction house sector, occasionally there is the sound of fireworks when an unusual, unexpected event or extraordinary sale takes place. However, it is not often one gets to hear the sound of ‘heads exploding’ with disbelief and the fun begins with critics, press, collectors, galleries and auction aficionados all at once trying to explain an audacious anomaly. The recent Phillips Auction House sale of a young Black artist in London provided just such a collective sigh of incredulity. Ghana-born, 35-year-old emerging Black artist Amoako Boafo always knew his paintings would go to auction someday, but says “I just didn’t think it would be any time soon.”

Published: June 2020


Mr. Banksy, welcomed to New York? - by Rachel Vancelette

In town promoting his new film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy, the famous British street artist, has been leaving his remarks and marks during his visit to New York. Spotted thus far: stenciled and painted Banksy pieces in Chinatown, the Financial District, SoHo and Dumbo.

A few days into the rampage, the works are now tagged with additional scribbles, stickers and spraypaint overlaying the work. The Smart Crew and Emjay, well know local graffiti artists claim they did not know it was Banksy work when tagging the new arrival.

Click button for full article

Published: May 2010

Vogue Italia

Swizz Beatz “No Commission Art Fair" is Coming to NYC by Rachel Vancelette

Major Grammy winning music producer Swizz Beatz continues to kick down the door of the art world and spread his creative wings, opening his 2nd version of No Commission Art Fair in his hometown the Bronx, NY. This summer artists will be allowed to showcase their work for free and take home 100% of their proceeds, a departure from the industry standard. Beatz has said, “I think the world needs more powerful collaborations that are willing to push the envelope and not really follow the necessary rules that are laid out.” Curated by Swizz’s (himself) The Dean Collection, this summer’s artfair will showcase hand selected artists, which continues to highlight his important ‘give back factor’ message. Swizz’s connection to the art world is not new and goes beyond his family’s own Dean Collection as a long-standing member of the Brooklyn Museum board and curator at Art Miami Basel throughout the years.

Published: July 2016

Vogue Italia

Artist Kenny Scarf by Rachel Vancelette

Reminiscent of the psychedelic 70's parties shared with fellow artists like Warhol, Kenny Sharf's "Cavern a Go-Go" party in his New York home.

The artist's reputation for creating an explosion of glitter and glow in a neon cosmos lived up. Sharf's magical fortress of black light neon landscape in the basement of the Bushwick New York warehouse, was filled floor to ceiling last weekend with a joyful vision in which he fuses sculpture, painting and performance on a grand scale.

Published: 2010

Vogue Italia

Biennale di Venezia 2017: Sislej Xhafa by Rachel Vancelette

Sislej Xhafa for the upcoming Venice Biennale, with an exhibition titled Vice versa. ... We met with the artist at Caffé Capri in Brooklyn for a short interview di Rachel D. Vancelette.

Published: May 27, 2013

Biennale di Venezia 2017 Sislej Xhafa, well known conceptual, contemporary artist is being shown this year at the Venice Biennale with a powerful exhibition representing his interpretation of the devastation and suffering brought to his country in the Kosovo War.

Published: May 12, 2017 

Vogue Italia

A New Vision on Fashion by Rachel Vancelette

Il Couture Council del Fashion Institute of Technology ha consegnato a Karl Lagerfeld il premio Fashion Visionary Award.

Published: 11/09/2010

La Stampa | Italian Newspaper

Frieze 2017 Week London Diary: The early bird gets the art! by Rachel Vancelette

Every year London’s Frieze Art Fair gives attendees glitz, glamour and so much more! For the artificatos, the week starts off with a bang the first night with gallery openings, art parties and celebrations all around the city! Right off the bat sales of a $2.75 M. Koons, and a $2.5 M. Polke pointed to continued strength in the London art market.

Monday: The opening at Tate Modern got everyone moving with visitors rolling on carpets down a ramped entry and people swinging from the air on swings-sets created by Danish art collective Superflex. Turbine Hall historically has shown top artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Anish Kapoor and since 2015 the sponsor Hyundai has commissioned this grand entryway to engage the audience all sorts of wonder- this year a playground! The dash for many was to the legendary Victoria Miro Gallery for the first view of artist Idris Khan’s latest artworks in his new exhibition “Absorbing Light”. 

Published: October 2017

Vogue Italia

Andy Warhol | Christopher Makos Magic: Artist on the Rise by Rachel Vancelette

*Cover Article: A personal one-to-one interview with artist photographer Christopher Makos.

With all the buzz around town about the Whitney Museum exhibition, Andy Warhol- From A to B Again, and the 350 works curated by the brilliant Donna De Salvo, we all needed to stop and take in the amazing works including photographs, canvases and films by the late artist this past winter season. Artist on the Rise shines the light on other great artists who surrounded Warhol during this period, one being well known American photographer and artist, Christopher Makos. 

Makos is noted for introducing Warhol to the works of famous artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, and also for giving Warhol his first camera! 

Published: April 2019

Metropolitan Magazine

Saving Banksy World Premiere at the Roxy: Will Banksy reappear in NYC? by Rachel Vancelette

Mr. Banksy, welcome to New York! Published 05/21/2010

Saving Banksy World Premiere at the Roxy: Will Banksy reappear in NYC?

Published: 01/18/2018

Vogue Italia

Larry Poons' Race for Decades! Sundance Film Festival’s The Price of Everything + Color by Rachel Vancelette

Interview of artist Larry Poon's by Rachel Vancelette at Vogue Italia.

Breaking through conventions, artist Larry Poons‘ brilliant colored drenched paintings are making a comeback like never before globally, and COLOR is the clue!  Recognized early as one of the artists in the famous Leo Castelli gallery during the 1960s, this artist continues today at 80 years old to race ahead like never before!

Published: 2018

Vogue Italia

Carte Blanche Inaugurated by Phillips de Pury on Park Avenue by Rachel Vancelette

Celebration was in the air on Park Avenue for the launch party of Phillips de Pury & Company on Saturday introducing their groundbreaking first series of auctions titled "Carte Blanche"

The first sale in the series is designed as a specialized curatorial platform for the 57th Street flagship and was organized by Phillip Segalot, noted art advisor who has worldwide helped form some of the most prestigious private contemporary art collections. Included are 33 eminent works by Maurizio Cattelan, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Jeff Koons to name a few. Hopes are high with estimates of $80 to $100 million which would be a significant milestone for the company.

Vogue Italia

Collector Roberto Polo Debuts Two New Museums in Spain by Rachel Vancelette

Roberto Polo, Cuban American collector, philanthropist and art historian has been busily planning the huge debut of two new museums in 2019. They will reside in Spain and become home to his in-depth art collection and shown for the first time to an international public.

The process to launch the venture has been complex and engaging to accomplish transformation of two important buildings into museums hoping to fascinate and educate spectators for generations to come. Audiences will get a rare glimpse into the mind of one of the most colorful and ambitious art collectors of our time.

Published: December 2018

Metropolitan Magazine

David Birnbaum / Rare 1: A Realm of Fashion Perfection in Gemstone Jewelry by Rachel Vancelette

Within the rarified air of the unimaginably wealthy, the lore and lure of perfect gemstones is made a reality by at least one contemporary private jeweler in New York, Rare 1’s David Birnbaum. Typically jewelers like Cartier and DeBeers sell to the top 2 percent of the population, however his clients are in the top 0.1 percent, those recognized as the ultra, mega rich, or in other words, Global Gazillionaires! David himself describes the experience as “impeccable design meets fantasy with a contemporary twist.”

The company travels the world looking for only the most perfect D flawless diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more. Birnbaum’s private clients enjoy the model he has built similar to a Parisian atelier.

Published: April 2016

Vogue Italia

Lady Hervey's LADYSHIP SWIM Collection sets sail to new horizons by Rachel Vancelette

A notable British “It” girl and former model for the likes of Christian Dior, Lady Victoria Hervey is also a recognized entrepreneur making waves literally with her new swimwear line. Previously part owner of the once popular Knightsbridge boutique Akademi, which was often frequented by celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Meg Mathews, and Martine McCutcheon. Hervey’s LADYSHIP SWIM collection is officially launching during the Resort 2019 season, marking the first line of her luxury lifestyle. Her exciting new venture creates a reflection of her own lifestyle with lively bold colors and sexy designs for a lady’s most prized possession, “the bikini!”

Published: December 2018

Metropolitan Magazine

Alexa Armstrong | Bringing A Fresh Eye to Sotheby's Old Master Sales by Rachel Vancelette

Alexa Armstrong is an Associate Specialist with the Old Masters department at Sotheby’s Auction House. We sat down with her to get an insider view of this expanding segment in the art market. Armstrong has been overseeing the midseason and online sales, and she provides refreshing viewpoints on the desire to combine old and new in order to appeal to new audiences interested in the Old Master Paintings market. Unfolding the history and associating artworks in a contemporary setting is what fascinates her, and her enthusiasm and professionalism is contagious when discussing the upcoming sales, tips, artists and more.

Published: December 2018

Metropolitan Magazine

Globetrotter Travel Guide: Nantucket Secret Escape: by Rachel Vancelette

The launch of Globetrotter Travel Guide Series for Metropolitian Magazine started with the Secret Escape of the small island of Nantucket. The article dives into the favorite hidden gems of the island. 

Published: September 2018

Metropolitan Magazine

Sundance 2016 | The Best Celebrity Style Moments From Park City by Rachel Vancelette

Hollywood’s elite appear each year in the small snowy town of Park City, Utah to mingle and network during the annual Sundance Film Festival. Actors, moviemakers and moviegoers come to support the various upcoming projects, while stepping out in their latest winter wardrobes. The après ski style ranges from chic outerwear, duster coats, cozy sweaters, snow boots, casual denim, plaids and patterned shirts to winter separates, allowing these stars to show their warm and cozy side.

Published: 1/29/2016


Marina Abramović. Silence and Golden Lips. A 70th birthday party A special event. by Rachel Vancelette

With a lifetime of performance art, threaded by pain and persistent staying power, Marina Abramović was celebrated on her 70th birthday for fostering the strong connections between technology, science, art and spirituality. Her newest project, an Institute in Hudson, New York, (MAI), will preserve a long legacy of work, which both attracted and repelled her audiences over her lifetime.

Published: December 2017

Vogue Italia

A Love Letter to Italy | Discovering Pistoia, The Triangle of Weddings, Olive Oil and Luxury + More! by Rachel Vancelette

Italy, one of the most gorgeous countries in all the world, is best known for its fashion, design, vineyards, architecture, and cuisine. Celebrities have been flocking here for years for an escape from the bustling metropolitan lifestyle and to find a special piece of the romantic countryside. Rock stars and movie stars such as Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Clooney have all put Italy on the map for international discovery, but I found a few secrets left untold as I discovered Pistoia! A huge boost in tourists traveling to this area over the years has inspired many artists, writers, chefs and countless other adventurers to descend into this magical place, many who stay and live here for years in this golden centerpiece populated by of the most creative and artistic souls in Italy!

Published: December 2018

Metropolitan Magazine

KREËMART BRINGS SWEETNESS TO THE ART WORLD The pop-up shop presented Internationally acclaimed artist Youssef Nabil in the intimate setting by Rachel Vancelette

Art Basel had something extra sweet and tasty for everyone this year! The pop-up by Kreemart set up only minutes from the main fair in Switzerland creating a buzz among collectors. The pop-up shop presented Internationally acclaimed artist Youssef Nabil in the intimate setting. This once-in a lifetime experience by Nabil, known for his portraits of such celebrities as Salma Hayek, Alicia Keys, Isabella Rossellini, Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Rampling, was the hit of the week and found only by word of mouth.

Youssef’s works in both video and neon provided insight and a unique, nostalgic looking glass view of his original world in the Middle East.

Published: June 2016

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Koh & Lanvin: In New York the Lanvin's boutique becomes an installation by the artist Terence Koh. Between art and fashion. 2010 by Rachel Vancelette

Another surprise was the addition of controversial contemporary performance artist Terence Koh for the store's opening. Known for his odd and sometimes disturbing art forms, he did not disappoint. (His longtime friend Lady Gaga had him counting a bowl of pearls in her performance "88 pearls" while wearing a costume inspired by Koh's sculpture from his project Boy By The Sea during her stadium performance in Japan).

Published: 9/12/2010

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Biennale di Venezia 2017: intervista a Gal Weinstein by Rachel Vancelette

Gal Weinstein, artista apprezzato e noto per i suoi lavori spesso critici della politica di Israele, rappresenta quest’anno Israele alla Biennale di Venezia con una mostra intitolata Sun Stand Still. L’immensa opera site-specific sarà esposta nel Padiglione progettato dall’architetto Zev Rechter nello spirito della Bauhaus, inaugurata proprio alla Biennale di Venezia nel 1952. Rechter è stato il primo architetto israeliano a utilizzare il linguaggio del modernismo universale in Israele prima della fondazione dello stato e dopo l’indipendenza.

Published: May 2017

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Ping Pong is back! | SPIN by Rachel Vancelette

A club dedicated to ping pong in the Flatiron district, created by a famous designer. A mix of sports, design, fashion and celebrities

Table tennis is hotter than ever in NYC's summer heat. Backed by Susan Sarandon and a team of owners including Franck Raharinosy (the prince of Madagascar) and Jonathan Bricklin, SPIN is an upscale club located in the Flatiron district.

The packed 13,000 square feet, with a chic restaurant, sports bar and 16 top-quality ping pong tables was dreamed up by renowned designer Todd Oldham, who was host for TV's reality show Top Design on Bravo. Many different events happen simultaneously with guests moving freely from one to the other with a drink or a ping pong paddle in hand (or both).

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Published: July 2010

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Miami Art Basel: Week Recap By Rachel Vancelette

Anche questo è Miami Art Basel: party e i brindisi a base di champagne fino a tarda notte con VIP internazionali accorsi qui per per conoscere i famosi collezionisti multimilionari e per essere presenti nelle numerose mostre d’arte che si sono svolte in ogni angolo di Miami Beach.Una sfavillante serata in cui la moda e l’arte si sono unite in armonia è stata quella per Maison Martin Margiela e Atelier Swarovski: un cocktail privato ultra-esclusivo, che ha visto la presenza di celebs e imprenditori, fra cui Brian Atwood, Katherine Cocke, Vincent Ottomanelli, Luis Ortiz, Cameron Silver e Rachel Heller.

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Published: December 2013

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Iman's Home | The top model introduced her home collection at Mercedes Benz star vip lounge during NY Fashion Week! by Rachel Vancelette

VIP's seen relaxing in this oasis at the Mercedes Benz' Fashion Week find themselves in a 'tribal' hideaway equipped with lush furniture and full bar, designed by fashion icon Iman. This debut of Iman Home Collection surprised visitors with a relaxing space and a sneak preview launching to an online audience late September. Following in the footsteps of supermodels Cindy Crawford and Kathy Ireland the goal is a home collection with broad appeal to middle America.

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Published: 09/10/2010

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Frieze Art Fair 2014 | Controversy, Celebrities and Contemporary Art | By Rachel Vancelette

In its third year in NYC, Frieze Art Fair strikes again with hullabaloo, stars and contemporary art. People elbowed for the hottest ticket to scoop up the latest and greatest in contemporary art this year.  

Early viewers and buyers included celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio with director Spike Jonze, Uma Thurman, John McEnroe, Beastie Boy Mike D., Marc Jacobs and even former Mayor Bloomberg (who is now chairman of the board at Serpentine Gallery.) All circulated and jockeyed through the quarter mile long tent designed again by Brooklyn’s architectural firm SO_I.

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Published: May 2014

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Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict : Tribeca Film Festival presented in New York the docufilm by Lisa Immordino Vreeland on the famous american collector | By Rachel Vancelette

The new documentary, Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict, had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. As the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice reunites her Jackson Pollock paintings, including the never seen, first drip painting known as "Alchemy," 1947.

Key art world titans including Larry Gagosian, Jeffrey Deitch, Marina Abramovic and Klaus Biesenbach make appearances in the film honoring the most central figure of the modern art movement both in the US and Europe. Robert DeNiro, founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, spoke candidly about the great importance of Peggy Guggenheim to his artist father and mother, whom she generously supported with their own painting.

Published: April 2015

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A Close Look at Sant Ambroeus | Food + Art + Fashion = Classy Refinement by Rachel Vancelette

On your way to the Sotheby’s Auction on the Upper East Side of New York City, one may find themselves bidding on the latest hot contemporary auction lot, and will pass a food lover’s treasure. A fabulous Italian coffee bar situated within the Sotheby’s World Headquarters, which welcomes you with the buzzing of art collectors, aficionados and auction experts discussing the latest artworks on display while drinking incredible expressos being poured “With Love from Italy!  The feel and allure reminiscent of the old regal settings in European cafes come to life with owners Gherado Guarducci and Dimitri Pauli of Sant Ambroeus at the helm of one the fastest growing empires in Italian elegance one can find stateside.

Published: Feb/March 2019

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La stilista Cynthia Rowley ha disegnato una collezione di cerotti e pannolini per bimbi super fashion by Rachel Vancelette

Per il lancio della propria carriera da stilista, Cynthia Rowley aveva invitato gli editori più in voga di New York ad assistere alla sfilata presso il suo appartamento senza ascensore. Nessuno si presentò. Imperterrita e determinata com'era non ci volle molto prima che la sua signature line di abiti e gonne capricciose, ed eleganti allo stesso tempo, richiamasse l'attenzione della stampa.?? La collezione retrò pop della Rowley viene ora presentata sulle passerelle più famose e include abbigliamento da uomo, borse, occhiali, gioielli, arredo per la casa, cosmesi e profumi. Sabato mattina, le creazioni sfilate in passerella le sono valse i complimenti della critica che ha definito la sua collezione fresca, fantasiosa e una vera e propria boccata d'aria tra i nomi storici dell'haute couture.? Ad assistere allo show (con soli posti in piedi) c'era una folta schiera di celebrities, tra cui l'attore Alan Cumming il quale indossava i cerotti signature della Rowley, creati esclusivamente per il lancio della nuova collezione? 

Published: September 2010

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Gallerist Wendy Fritz is reaching new horizons! by Rachel Vancelette

One-to-one interview with galleriest Wendy Fritz of Fritz Gallery in Palm Beach. 

Wendy Fritz has been shaking up the Palm Beach Art scene this season, with a newly launched gallery space, a former 1920’s ballroom renovated by The Frisbie Group. She is dancing her way to now owning one of the largest gallery spaces for exhibition on the island. With 26 foot ceilings and 3 times the space as her former gallery she has taken the island by storm! 

The gallery, only established in 2017, started as a by appointment-only space for clients to view such masters as Tom Wesselman, Paul Jenkins, Stanley Bozer, Karl Appel, Robert Raschenberg to name a few. The expansion and move have allowed for the winter play grounders and snowbirds of New Yorkers, Bostonians, Canadians and more to explore this new art-destination during season, and all year round.  This year she has noted she is looking to program established and mid to late career artists, who have museum and international recognition and during the summer season will incorporate emerging artists both local and from the New York City area.

Published: March/April 2019

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A New Site For Art | Back to School with Exhibition A by Rachel Vancelette

La potente coppia Bill Powers, gallerista e presentatore dello show Work of Art che va in onda sul canale Bravo, e sua moglie, designer Cynthia Rowley, stanno ottenendo consensi, insieme alla collega Laura Martin, grazie alla loro nuova iniziativa chiamata Exhibition A. Il modello imprenditoriale è completamente diverso dai soliti siti d’arte, con una sezione esclusiva “solo per membri” che offre ai visitatori interviste in prima persona ai migliori collezionisti, come la fashion designer Agnes B, e vende edizioni speciali di artisti che vanno dai 100 ai 500 dollari.

Published: April 2011

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Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic by Rachel Vancelette

Prince Harry took a brief toss onto his knees from his polo mount and, smiling, quickly dusted off and remounted to the gasps and delight of the crowd at the 3rd annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on historic Governor's Island in NY on Sunday.

90 degree weather did not deter wannabee princesses, NY elite and celebrities from wanting to see his world famous grin and enjoying the match with continual champagne toasts.

Published: June 2010

Photo Credit Rachel Vancelette

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Shine a Spotlight on Texas | Dallas Art Fair 2017 by Rachel Vancelette

Co-founded by John Sughrue and Chris Byrne, the 9th annual 2017 Dallas Art Fair features close to 100 prominent international art dealers and galleries exhibiting painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, video, and installations by modern and contemporary artists.

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SohoMuse | A Creative Network forges ahead with Founder Consuelo Vanderbilt Constin at the Helm by Rachel Vancelette

One-to-one inteview with founder Consuelo Vandebilt Costin of Soho Muse.

Published: March/April 2019

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Art For Charity By Rachel Vancelette

L’asta evento firmata “Take Home a Nude” inizia in grande stile con tanto di paparazzi, trampolieri e flute di champagne nella cornice della casa d’aste Sotheby. 850 invitati tra cui celebrity quali Andre Balazs, Mary Kate Olsen, Naomi Watts e Daphne Guinness hanno tutti aderito all’iniziativa per rendere omaggio all’artista celebrato quest’anno, Walton Ford, noto per il suo stile narrativo a tema natura e l’approccio alle tradizionali tecniche pittoriche. 

Published: October 10, 2013

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RxArt 2012 Benefit Party by Rachel Vancelette

Incontriamo Diane Brown, fondatrice di RxArt. Ci parla inizialmente del suo ultimo progetto con l'artista contemporaneo Dan Colen e come è nata la scultura M&M's. Questo progetto riguarda la sala d'attesa del reparto pediatrico del Kings County Hospital a Brooklyn. Dan Colen è sempre stato molto creativo, in grado di utilizzare materiali come confetti, petali di fiori o appunto m&m's per dare vita a opere fantastiche.

Published: 11/21/2012

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Will Ryman: Roses Blooming in Spring by Rachel Vancelette

Park Avenue is getting ready for a 2011 burst of color with the installation of 8 groups of spectacular metal roses executed by Will Ryman, well known NY sculptor. The largest installation ever on Park Avenue will display 38 stainless steel pink and red roses (25-30 ft). A sneak peak into the studio during fabrication was like being transported into an altered universe.

Visitors will encounter a "bug's eye view" with the large-scale blooms hosting brass ladybugs, ants, aphids, beetles, and bees.

Published: 2010

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NYDG for Haiti Party for Haiti Earthquake Amputee Victims By Rachel Vancelette

NYDG Foundation have partnered with the Ivan R. Sabel Foundation and celebrity hosts Mick Jagger, L'Wren Scott,Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller for the high profile fundraiser. Stars arrived in staggered fashion greeted by hoards of media and photographers to gather with luminaries to bid electronically on the impressive, but rather difficult to view auction pieces. Jagger generously stopped to greet the paparazzi on arrival sporting his famous grin.

Published: 2010

Vogue Italia.

Art Production Fund Celebrates Private Birthday Celebration at Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel By Rachel Vancelette

Founders Yvonne Force and Doreen Remen have cultivated their ambitious vision of extraordinary arts projects into reality and gathered the elite to celebrate all the innovative public productions they have created since their beginning. Included in their projects were ART ADDS, TAXI TOPS using 3 major art figures, Shirin Neshat, Alex Katz and Yoko Ono, to transform the tops of NYC taxis into contemporary artwhich was a smashing success viewed by over 5 million people.  

Published: 04/14/2010

Vogue Italia

Fun-tastic, Fashion Hybrid Eyewear to Die For, Hits New York Ultra chic eyewear has officially arrived to Big Apple’s Soho district by Rachel Vancelette

Gentle Monster, creator of uber stylish eyewear, in collaboration with architect Rafael de Cárdenas of Architecture at Large opened a New York retail store giving the innovative brand an exploratory environment. Customers and browsers feel as though they have landed on a unique ship-like voyage surrounded by 100’s of pairs of stunning glasses! Imbedded throughout the store, one will find art on display made by local contemporary artists, from performative to digital experimental platforms. This exclusive inventive mission presents a creative space evoking elegance and refinery. Ultra chic eyewear has officially arrived to New York’s Soho district!

Published: March 2016

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NYFW: Men’s 2016 | Menswear Superstars On The Rise: Nick Graham, Gypsy Sport and Palmiers du Mal. By Rachel Vancelette

Unique and creative design departures from the conventional continue to surprise this week during the New York Fashion Week: Men’s shows. The men’s-focused fashion week is only in its second year, but these menswear designers obviously think it’s not necessary to play it safe, regardless of an industry full of historical undertones and a motivation to sell. Making bold, unsubtle statements, the unique approaches of the Nick Graham, Gypsy Sport and Palmier du Mal certainly whet the industry’s appetite

Published: January 2016


NYFW S/S 2017 | Gentle Monster Combines Olympic Fencing And High-Fashion Eyewear To Dramatic Effect by Rachel Vancelette

At New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2016 events, Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster presented a Las Vegas-worthy assembly of Olympic class fencers supported by fashion runway models wearing their always unique high-fashion glasses. With staging, lighting and choreography worthy of a Hollywood production, and accompanied by electronic duo Gatekeeper, the crowd was mesmerized by the combo of stylish eyewear and dueling fencers.

Published: September 2016


Alexander McQueen dinner at Frieze Last night in the store Alexander McQueen in London was held the dinner for the presentation of the new artists by Rachel Vancelette

Frieze Art Fair’s new sponsorship with Alexander McQueen represents their shared vision for supporting and promoting today’s contemporary art. This week Alexander McQueen’s London stores are displaying contemporary artwork curated by noted London gallerist Sadie Coles. The collaboration draws Frieze VIP collectors to the flagships store by private invitation and also to the Frieze VIP parties. The McQueen stores are known for presenting and rotating engaging artworks throughout the year to support the merging of art and fashion.

Published: October 2013

Vogue Italia

Christian Siriano Bravos Project Runway In Style by Rachel Vancelette

One-to-one interview with designer Christian Siriano.

Christian Siriano, who exploded into the public consciousness at age 22, is now at the pinnacle of the design world celebrating the launch of Bravo’s Project runway this month! Siriano mentors the new fresh talent of the show, and the celebrity designer known for dressing Whoopi Goldberg, Laverne Cox, Molly Shannon, Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie and more had amazing success of his book, Dresses to Dream About, a collaboration with noted photographer Brad Walsh, revealing his design process start to finish. The book takes the reader from simple sketches through his most private studio practices and amazing designs.   This master craftsman artistically creates sumptuous couture designs weaving fantasy, old Hollywood glamour and the desire to dress women of all shapes, sizes and social status in his work. It has put him at the top of every woman’s fashion wish list worldwide, movie stars and homemakers alike. After studying in his younger years with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, his collections have now added him to the rarified list of top designers past and present. No matter what age or body type, he will dress you. 

Published: March/April 2019

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Bill de Blasio e la New York Pizza Wars by Rachel Vancelette

Jon Stewart, comico e presentatore del programma televisivo The Daily Show, è noto per la sua battaglia, risalente al 2013, in difesa della pizza newyorkese. Si è reso infatti protagonista di unna serie di interventi durante i quali ha lanciato numerose catilinarie contro la “deep-dish”, pizza alta e spessa tipica di Chicago.

Published: 02/05/2014

Vogue Italia

Stetson Hats: a classic beloved by the stars by Rachel Vancelette

Iconic Stetson Worldwide, the feisty remainder of a classic ​​hat empire begun in 1865, now is inserting itself into fashion and contemporary urban culture marking their 150th anniversary. Now lead by petite Japanese powerhouse Izumi Kajimoto, she is redefining her hatwear into a sylish trendy image appealing to movie stars, rock and hip-hop idols, presidents and Royal families along with the American cowboys who have worn the refinery for generations.

Published: April 2018

Vogue Italia

Tribeca Film Festival 2016 On the scene of the Fifteenth Annual Tribeca Film Festival by Rachel Vancelette

The annual celebration of film in New York City was founded by Robert De NiroJane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff. This year from April 13-24, 101 films, 72 shorts, 77 world premieres will please even the most discerning audiences. International jet-setting movie stars, producers and directors raised the level of the glamourous events and red carpets bringing NY the best cinema has to offer. Art awards, glamorous fashion, galas and creative arts events gave NY a taste of Hollywood and to the delight of fans, fed a frenzy of celebrity watching!

Published: April 2016

Vogue Italia

MOVE! by Rachel Vancelette

L'effetto "backstage" durante il grande evento di moda è stato opera del curatore Klaus Biesenbach (accompagnatore dell'artista Marina Abramovic), del giornalista David Colman, e del co-fondatore di Visionaire Celia Dean. Fra gli invitati, l'illusionista David Blaine che si è anche esibito, Cynthia Rowley che non aspettava altro che versare vernice addosso a se stessa, alle modelle e ai vestiti, e Terrance Koh anche lui con la sua performance. Lezioni di danza, set fotografici con le modelle dell'agenzia Ford, cambi di look "che non sapevi di volere" con parrucche e makeup esotico e un video in tempo-reale che intratteneva tutti.

Published: November 2010

Vogue Italia

HUMAN by Yann Arthus-Bertrand by Rachel Vancelette

Award winning filmmaker and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand debuts the world premiere of the documentary HUMAN. On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary at the United Nation General Assembly and the Venice Film Festival over 1000 people attended the New York premiere.  The same day Google released exclusive content on their homepage to reach a global audience of 600 million people, a first of its kind, providing a global view to the world in a blink of an eye!

Published: September 2015

Vogue Italia

The Camp of the Met Gala: The Mark Hotel, 24-Hour Instagram Feeds, Fans Screaming by Rachel Vancelette

With live feeds and coverage running from Vogue online to the Mark Hotel special Instagram story feed, the Met Gala 2019 was an eye-popping event with over the top outfits and mind-altering couture pieces. Designers’ went to extremes for their celebrity clients, as viewers could see the creative thought behind the head to toe drama, which left everyone supercharged and excited to want more! Marked as the true fashion event of the season, and often called the super bowl of fashion, the First Monday in May, Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour hosted the celebrity-packed party for the Met Museum. Celebrating the Costume Institute’s new exhibition each year, the exhibition theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion” didn’t disappoint. Katie Perry shocked and won the night dressed as a literally a beautiful chandelier!

Published: May 2019

Metropolitan Magazine

LOOT: Mad About Jewelry: Mad Annual Art and Design by Rachel Vancelette

LOOT draws an international jet-set who fly in to adorn themselves with the latest jewelry! This annual spring event at the famous MAD museum has curator Bryna Pomp all the buzz. She has become the influencer, taste-maker and fashion go-to person to find the latest and greatest in jewelry!  "The jewelry featured incorporates a wide range of remarkable non-traditional materials, from crocheted textiles, ecologically tie-dyed silk, felt, leather, and resin to 3D-printed nylon, titanium, safety pins, bicycle tires, X-ray film, papier-mâché, and wood" states Pomp. Her curatorial expertise has raised many designers to next level status, and she has been championing contemporary jewelry designers in the field for years. Tastemakers such as Iris Apel, Kay Uger and more all sit on the benefit host committee and continue to support this event each year. A sighting of the well known adorned Iris Apel is always a wonderful sight! 

Published: May 2019

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Artist Eddie Kang: The Loveless Collection goes global with MCM and brings us all to the heart of the matter by Rachel Vancelette

Artist Eddie Kang worldwide tour has been exploding with his lively color palettes and inspiration from dreams and childhood memories, taking the fashion and art world by storm! His creative process captures images from “teddies in the woods” to his very special “childhood dog|.”Kang’s artworks, often colorful and dreamy derive from philosophical stories which he creates based on life's reflections. Kang created a series of works to express his desire to escape, his courage to dream, and his ability to think beyond for which adults and children alike can find an escape passage. One can see art meets fashion, magic happens! 

Published: May 2019

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Art Critic and Historian Barbara Rose began writing art criticism in the 1960s, where she mingled in the New York art scene with greats such as Richard Tuttle, Andy Warhol, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Al Held, Lee Krasner, Beverly Pepper, Claes Oldenberg and Frank Stella to name few. A former contributing editor to Art In America from 1965 to 1971, Rose's critical writings have made a profound impact on generations of art aficionados. Publications such as ArtForum, New York Magazine, Vogue, Partisan Review and multiple international periodicals and newspapers globally have memorialized, archived and republished many of her writings recently. Rose is currently focused on finishing her memoirs with many followers and fans anticipating the release. 

Published: June 2019

Metropolitan Magazine

Netflix's Star Leon Logothetis: Brings Kindness to the Front of the Line! By Rachel Vancelette

The author of Changing Lives, One Adventure at a Time, and the host of Netflix’s Kindness Diaries which soon will be going into a third season following the travels of Mr. Kindness. Leon sits down to give an intimate interview into his unique inner world and personal journey dedicated to the spreading of kindness to others. The Netflix series is viewed as a unique social experiment, taking Leon on the long journey across country to challenge people in everyday life to hopefully be just a little kinder to strangers.  Leon and the traveling kindness machine (otherwise known as the yellow Volkswagon bug he has driven to the ends of the earth) have both become an iconic symbols to his devoted fan following. Some say kindness is simply “the new cool” and this interview hopefully will spread a little kindness to Leon and give voice to his movement and become important to each of us daily.

Published: June 2019

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A Day Like Any Other by Rachel Vancelette

La recente apertura al New Museum della mostra A Day Like Any Other di Rivane Neuenschwander fa entrare i visitatori in un mondo circondanto da muri di fiocchi arcobaleno.

**L'**ambiente quieto della mostra riflette il contenuto dei desideriscritti uno per uno sui fiocchi; frasi come "Vorrei ci fosse una cura per il cancro", oppure "Vorrei un figlio sano e felice".

A livello tematico, l'amore di Neuenschwander per l'interazione organica con l'arte è presente anche in questo progetto dove i visitatori sono invitati a prendere un fiocco, legarselo al polso e sostituirlo con un nuovo desiderio scritto su un foglio di carta.

Vogue Italia

Babyface and the iPad Grammy Award winner proclaims his love for Apple tablet by Rachel Vancelette

Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds performed at the 10th annual ARTrageous Charity Gala dinner and Art Auction at Cipriani Wall Street with a special acoustical performance. Babyface raved about the new love of his life, his Mac iPad, and warmed up the audience by auctioning off his daughter's drawing to friends in the crowd including powerhouse record producer LA Reid and wife Erica Reid.

The Reid's heavyweight clients include Pink, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton. They were joined at the lively event by Veronica Webb and Jeff & Justine Koons. Jeff Koons' work estimated at $25,000, kicked off the event by selling for $280,000 USD.

Calvin Klein arrived fashionably late and circled the room scanning all of the silent auction before joining friend and the evening's honoree artist Ross Bleckner. The silent auction closed late into the evening as drinks were still being poured and guests elbowed their way to place their final bids.

Vogue Italia

Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2016 Art Party by Rachel Vancelette

As always the Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2016 Art Party and dinner drew in top celebs and stars from every corner of New York City elite; artists, performers, editors, entrepreneurs, models, designers, art-world insiders, stylists, musicians, and young philanthropists. With the lead singer of Fischerspooner in a rocking bikini and chaps outfit, the electroclash performance troupe entertained above and beyond during dessert for an enthusiastic crowd that included Victor Cruz, Karrueche Tran, Jason Biggs and artists Chuck Close and Maurizio Cattelan.

Top celebrity rapper/musician Common was a co-chair of the fundraising event, alongside his stylist Micaela Erlanger, model Karlie Kloss, designer Brandon Maxwell, and Vanity Fair’s Michael Carl. He said, “When you see beautiful art, it inspires you. It reminds you of the importance of the soul.”

The uptown/downtown crowd were reluctant to leave and danced far into the night, captured by music provided by DJ Questlove, producer and lead drummer of the Roots.

Vogue Italia

Globetrotter Series: The vibrant city of Chicago | EXPO Chicago Artfair keeps pace with art, culture, technology and more! An insightful interview with president Tony Karman. By Rachel Vancelette

Sitting down with Tony Karman, president of EXPO Chicago Artfair one will find a warm smile and an enthusiasm that resonates throughout the room. With a true passion for the arts, he pays tribute every year to the cultural heart of Chicago. One of the longest-running artfairs started in the 1980s, it began before there were many artfairs in the world and continues today stronger than ever. In the age of Instagram and social media mobilizing art collectors, art lovers, artists and galleries, every one of the over 200 global artfairs today has to tackle the competitive nature of the worldwide fairs vying for attendance. The art market’s increase in sales to over 1 billion dollars annually has created an environment where many to have to make tough choices and selections like never before!


Published: September 2019

Metropolitan Magazine

LOVE ANTOSHA | An intimate documentary about a life of creative and actor Anton Yelchin. By Rachel Vancelette

You may know actor Anton Yelchin from films such as Star Trek, Like Crazy or countless Indie films which had fans and friends always wanting more. This charismatic, dynamic creative, who was an artist, actor, musician, friend, beloved son, and photographer, demonstrated the artistic power of "more than meets the eye," He was adored by Hollywood and left a large impact on generations of viewers. 

Anton Yelchin's legacy continues after his tragic and sudden death in 2016. Family and friends have been ensuring and securing his legacy, and with the support of donations, The Anton Yelchin Foundation was founded. The mission of the foundation is to empower and support young people engaged in the creative arts who face career challenges due to debilitating disease and disability. The mission is a unique one and has helped many over the years. I myself came to know the deeper story of Yelchin’s life with research conducted during an invitation to co-curate an exhibition of his photography in 2017. While looking deeper into this artist and actor, it was clear he made an enormous impact on those who cared for him during his lifetime. He left his mark for generations of fans and friends through his writings, photography, films, and music. 

Published: September 2019

Metropolitan Magazine

Lina Iris Viktor is Turning Everything She Touches to Gold! By Rachel Vancelette

Lina Iris Viktor is a conceptual artist, photographer, performance artist and painter living and working between New York and London. This new art world sensation (only creating works for five years) has found her passion and creates prolifically in her studios. The New York Times described her exciting work as “queenly self-portraits with a futuristic edge.” Raised in London, she traveled extensively, spending much of her early years living in Johannesburg, South Africa. Raised in the U.K., Viktor originally studied film, directing and cinematography, and worked with legendary film director Spike Lee before realizing filmmaking was not her destiny.

Published: October 2019

Urban Mindz

Jonathan Prince: Quickfire Artist Spotlight by Rachel Vancelette

Can you speak to us about your collaboration with Christie’s Sculpture Garden and Park Tower Group?

Christie’s and Park Tower Group formed a partnership in 2009 to use the outdoor plaza and interior lobby of 535 Madison Avenue as a public exhibition space for artworks curated by Christie’s. I became aware of this relationship shortly after it started when I met Barrett White from Christie’s at a dinner party in New York.  Our conversation that evening led to a visit from Barrett up to my studio in The Berkshires which resulted in us making a plan to exhibit my work at the Madison Avenue space. That show was in 2012 and now, seven years later, after continuing conversations with Barrett White, Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art Americas and Marian Klein, president of Park Tower Group - I am looking forward to having another exhibition of my works at the space. This selling exhibition from Christie’s Private Sales Group will introduce my new Shatter Series sculptures to the public.

Published: September 2019

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Artist Sislej Xhafa at Art Basel Unlimited with Performance Taking Center Stage by Rachel Vancelette

With Art Basel Switzerland presenting over 290 galleries from all over the world this month, the fair offers some of the most immersive and impressive art installations to date. We had the opportunity to sit down with artist Sislej Xhafa who reminded us of his practice and the intense creative process of performance he uses to engage global audiences. Xhafa often reminds audiences of how important it is to take time to sit and just be with art. Xhafa will inaugurate Unlimited 2019, as part of the Art Basel experience. Xhafa's will be the first performative work displayed in the history of Art Basel’s Unlimited Hall since its inception in 2000. 

Published: June 2019

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African Art on the Rise in London: 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair by Rachel Vancelette

The 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London this October marked the 7th consecutive edition of this unique and powerful fair. The name 1-54 refers to the 54 countries that comprise the African continent and is expressed as a ratio “one continent: 54 countries." The fair, organized for editions in London, New York and Marrakesh, brings together some of the most valued international curatorial minds from galleries to contemporary artists, all focused on the African market and its global expansion.

Published: October 2019

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Globetrotter Series: The Voices of ‘Secret Sarasota’ By Rachel Vancelette

Amidst the swirl of news about the contemporary global art market, the art centric city of Sarasota, Florida is becoming a name gaining more notice than ever before. Move over Palm Beach and Miami, the upcoming opening of the new Sarasota Art Museum in December is bringing well-known contemporary artists in droves to the sunshine state. Contemporary international artists Vik Muniz and Shelia Hicks will inaugurate the newly designed space. The ambitious undertaking for the city of Sarasota plans to make a mark in art world circles and impact a growing arts community, coveted since the early 60s. Art critics such as Jerry Saltz, Linda Yablonsky, and other key art curators, international collectors and artists are quietly arriving to learn about the lectures, book launches, new art installations and community educational programming available to all.

Published October 2019

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Frank Stella: Pushing the Limits of Experimental Abstraction by Rachel Vancelette

“I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me life.” Frank Stella

The artist, born in 1936, recently broke auction records in May with a rare and sought after Black painting titled Point of Pines. The painting, with a low estimate of 25 million, hit a record-breaking price and sold for 28,082,500 USD! Stella's career retrospective in 2015 at the Whitney Museum continued to make his art rise higher in the eyes of collectors and has ushered in a new wave of high auction records. Over the years, this rise in prices and auction records have shocked audiences, collectors and the art industry alike and has helped cement his permanent place in the history books. The Black painting Point of Pines comes out of a limited series of 28 canvases executed in 1959. Four of the works from the series were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art the same year, and this particular large-scale painting consignment for sale at Christies auction house gave them an advantage, helping win the record-breaking sale for Stella this season.

Published September 2019


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Mr. Gormley, Please don't jump by Rachel Vancelette

The cast iron men created by the British artist invaded New York!

The cast iron men perched on building tops and ledges aroundMadison Square Park and migrating north to the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building last week had some residents in a panic calling emergency 911. The witnesses often believed they were viewing a live person attempting to jump off a building when in reality the perching men are large iron sculptures created by noted British artist Antony Gormley titled Event Horizon.

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Art Production Fund presents WOW Artists' Towels Hitting the Beach has never been so Hot! Artists' Towels by your favorite major contemporary artist by Rachel Vancelette

Sip your favorite cocktail on any beach in the world alongside Artists Jasper John, Jeff Koons and Cecily Brown, seated on artist designed towels. Since 2007, the Art Production Fund’s project, the WOW series, has developed and moved so fast, “people in the know” watch closely to catch the next commonplace object their collaborations will focus on. APF’s unique collections of everyday items designed by well-known artists supports APF’s non-profit mission to engage the public and expand the audience for contemporary art.

Published: June 2016

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Frieze Art Fair: Old Times are back in London by Rachel Vancelette

A series of major sales during the dreary, rainy days brightened everything with monetary pops of sunshine for industry insiders constantly searching next season’s stars. Each year Frieze brings together the best international talent to Regents Park and the fair, and along with editions in New York and Los Angeles is determined to reign supreme.

Published: October 2019

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Laolu Senbanjo: The Many Faces of Art by Rachel Vancelette

Art + Fashion | Among the many collaborations which have brought him into the spotlight include body paintings in Beyonce’s music video for “Lemonade;” designing a perfume bottle for Bvlgari and bottles for Belvedere Vodka; a body painting for Serena Williams’ cover of Essence Magazine; Collaborations with Nike, Starbucks and Equinox Fitness.

Published: November 2019

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A new vision in fashion by Rachel Vancelette

Karl Lagerfeld riceve il premio speciale Visionary Award a New York.

Il Couture Council del Fashion Institute of Technology ha onorato Karl Lagerfeld con il premio Fashion Visionary Award, consegnato dalla sua amica Diane Kruger. Il pranzo di beneficenza si è tenuto presso Avery Hall al Met, durante la Settimana della moda di New York.

Published: September 11, 2010

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Double explosion of talent by Rachel Vancelette

Exploding Sky Worldwide is a state of the art screen printing and fine art studio founded in 1990 by twin brothers, Matt and Mark Enger. Starting from NY's Lower East Side, the printmaking artists from Oklahoma create fine art paintings and installations as well as limited edition clothing, silkscreen printing and art for artists such as Kiki Smith, Donald Baechler and Keith Haring.

Published: July 27th, 2010

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Voluptuous Panic By Rachel Vancelette

Celebrities, artists and art collectors all mingled in 6 acres of landscaped forest filled with unique performers and art installations

The Watermill Center Voluptuous Panic: The 18th Annual Watermill Summer Benefit in the Hamptons brought together artists from over 30 different countries, with a silent auction, live performances, art installations and festivities.

Published: August, 4th, 2011

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Gonçalo Mabunda: The Consciousness of Conflict by Rachel Vancelette

An evocative artist who may not be extremely well known, but should be, is Goncalo Mabunda, born in war-torn Mozambique in 1975. Transmuting horrific instruments of war -- and the evil that inevitably accompanies it -- into constructive and symbolic artwork is Mabunda’s genius.

Published: Nov 17, 2019

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Can you speak to us briefly about your two-person exhibition Return of the Real with artist Rodrigo Valenzuela currently on view at USF Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa? 

I was approached by CAM's curator-at-large Christian Viveros-Faune who was interested in an exhibition that related to the idea of misinformation in my work and Rodrigo Valenzuela's. Both of our works address the re-representation of things and through reconstruction, create the circumstances for a changing interpretation. My work specifically deals with a dislocation between the viewer and the sculptural object. By manipulating the geometry of the object, the result is a redistribution of data and a changed space around the object. The habitual process of viewing is altered, resulting in the viewer questioning very basic things about perception.

Published: November 2019 

Quickfire Interview: Focus on India: Artist Jitish Kallat by Rachel Vancelette

Born Mumbai in 1975, artist Jitish Kallat is deeply rooted in his home country of India which is reflected in his vast body of artworks including drawing, video and specific sculptural installations collected by top museums and art collections of today. The artist described like an archeologist by some noted art critics, Kallat practice includes the continuous study of philosophical subjects and unique narratives which continue to connect us as humans, all the while exploring the sciences and our relationship to our human existence. Kallat looks to challenge and investigate daily his own artistic processes and weaves themes inspired by sociology and biology into his artworks. Tapping into artistic and cultural points of view which resonated strongly in his home country of India, he continues to work many hours a day in his Mumbai based art studio creating, discerning, probing and questioning new creative processes while preparing for his upcoming national and international exhibitions this 2020. 


Published: February 2020

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Globetrotter Series: ITALY: Olive Oil Obsession: Rare Olive Oil Producers Make A Come Back by Rachel Vancelette

Just like champagne, fine wines and prosciutto di parma, the olive oil tasting trend is reaching new heights in Italy. People have believed for years that olive oil tasting is best in Fall months when the olives are harvested and new oil is pressed, but experts throughout the regions now say the rich distinct flavors and unique tastes are timeless and not season specific.

The famous Tuscany Hills still reign supreme for producing the best olive oil in the world, and I had the rare opportunity to sit down with grower and expert olive oil maker Colonel Mark Ridley, former commander in the Queen’s Household Calvary Mounted Regiment. Ridley dedicated himself, following a full military career, to Villa Montalbano on the Tuscan mountainside near Pistoia, Italy. Ridley is dedicated to the seasonal annual Italian olive oil harvest, following old Italian tradition. Visitors, friends and family all join the production festivities to help refine and bottle this rare delicious olive oil created by centuries’ old tradition.

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Forest Whitaker Makes the Jump to TV As American Crime Boss Bumpy Johnson by Rachel Vancelette

Following the current trend toward big production television, Forest Whitaker is recreating the turbulent period of the 1960’s, giving audiences a film rich in many historical layers of New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. In the new crime drama on EPIX, 'Godfather of Harlem', Whitaker gives audiences a vivid portrayal of New York’s infamous American crime boss, Bumpy Johnson. His leap into television carries the weight of his decades-long stellar career as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated and beloved actors.

Published: October 2019

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Aida Muluneh: A Redesigned Recovery of Hope by Rachel Vancelette

Determined to re-imagine, reshape and remold the image the global community has of Africa, particularly the West, Aida Muluneh has become a voice for "Afrofuturism," a term coined by Mark Dery in 1993 which explores the developing crossroads of African Diaspora culture with technology. The displacement and scattering of native Africans have created a diverse movement dispersed globally but still connected to their native African countries. This highly regarded, 45-year-old, prize-winning Ethiopian photographer from Addis Ababa speaks through her photographs with explosive primary colors bursting with layers of metaphor and imbedded with cultural meaning as seen through Muluneh's eyes and through the powerful gaze of her female subjects.

Published: January 2020

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Art & the Olympic Games 2020: A Winning Combination with artist and champion Roald Bradstock by Rachel Vancelette

Rapid Fire Interview Series: Roald Bradstock is an Olympic authlete and Olympic artist nicknamed the "Olympic Picasso" by the media. We sat down for a one-on-one to discover what the plans and outlook are for Japan 2020 and his mission to keep the Olympic art torch alive! 

Published: June 2019

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Quickfire Interview Series Artist Billy Zane, Art + Creativity Villa Beverly Park Takeover by Rachel Vancelette

riving up the winding road to Beverly Park one sunny afternoon between the famous Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard, running late due to crazy traffic and zipping past security, I finally arrived at the front door of a beautifully manicured mansion (located across from Denzel Washington's mega-mansion apparently) just in time to get a sneak peek at Billy Zane’s latest pop-up art exhibition. With a warm reception, the actor/producer/artist extraordinaire Billy Zane greeted me with open arms as I slightly interrupted his process of relaxing, deep in contemplation, while leaning against the entry hallway close to his latest large-scale hanging artwork. The vast tapestry-like painting was swirling around the large corridor space and the dimensions and effect on the entire area was certainly quite a sight to see! 

Published: June 2020

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Kollin Carter: Red Carpet Master by Rachel Vancelette

Vogue editor and chief, Anna Wintour, has said fashion is most definitely defined as art and points to the permanent art collection of costume design at the Metropolitan Museum of Art she helped incorporate to validate her point. Gallerist and art advisor Georges Berges says “The convergence of art and fashion is symbiotic. Everything that exists and surrounds us is a product of the society we live in. Who we are, what we see, and what we experience is interconnected and interrelated. There is no place we can point to and say that this or that object does not belong to the sphere of art.” Fashion designers and stylists are among those innovators whose work is now considered a form of legitimate performance art, and who are bringing their creations to the public just as a sculptor would build and mold his art from the bottom up.

Published: February 2020

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Quickfire Interview Artist Series: Dreaming of Summer in Isolation: Artist Tatyana Murray by Rachel Vancelette

Can you speak about your daily routine in the art studio?

My art studio is in Dumbo, Brooklyn, where I have worked for over twenty-four years. Being on the top floor, I have two large windows overlooking the Hudson River with unobstructed sky views. This is my sanctuary, where I can escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. The tranquil space gets me into the right mental state, setting the tone, and allowing my intuitive process to reveal itself.

Published: June 2020

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Quickfire Interview Series | Artist Juan Garaizabal, 360 Degree View by Rachel Vancelette 

What inspires you? 

Typically, I receive inspiration from many fields, architecture, history, music, cinema, science, economy, landscape, literature…everything but contemporary art. Hahahaha. I am obsessed with the idea of trying to walk on virgin territories…. which is never 100% truth…but I try. I accumulate ideas in my head that come to me any moment, especially in solitude and leave them there. I do not write them or draw them until the moment that they have a certain process of growing and getting enriched…and at that moment sometimes they are so clear that I just execute them instead of writing them. These are the big ideas, the umbrellas. Then, the detail ideas typically come to me talking about the plan, explaining the big idea. Most of the time the sentences finish with new elements that I hadn’t thought on. An artwork, in reality, is a succession of solving problems and decisions.

Published: June 2020

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Quickfire Interview: Sotheby's Institute of Art Rises to the Challenge: London A VIEW INTO THE ROLD OF EDUCATION DURING COVID19 PANDEMIC by Rachel Vancelette

Interview with Professor David Bellingham: Program Director of the Master's Degree In Art Business Program, Sotheby’s Institute London along with colleague Dr. Federica Carlotto, Course Leader of Art of Luxury, Sotheby’s Institute in London, sit down to discuss education development during COVID-19.

During a critical time in the artworld with news of many in the art world of being laid off and furloughed in both galleries and auction houses, SIA education continues to thrive and rise to the occasion during the COVID-19 pandemic transforming ideas for online teaching. This rare time during COVID-19 has forced SIA to redefine and reprogram the way students, classrooms and professors exchange ideas, interact, teach and adapt. 

Published: June 2020

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Michaela DePrince: Excelling Beyond Adversity by Rachel Vancelette

Originally given the birth name Mabinty Bangura, 24-year-old ballerina Michaela Mabinty DePrince was born into a Muslim family in Sierra Leone during one of the most ferocious and brutal civil wars in West African history. ‘War-torn’ is often used to describe the civil war in Sierra Leone, a historic departure point for the transatlantic slave trade. But ‘war-torn’ is a paltry euphemism that cannot even come close to describing the perpetrated crimes against humanity, mass killings, sexual violence and the use of child soldiers in the name of contested “blood diamonds.” Over 50,000 died, including Michaela’s parents, and close to 320,000 orphans were left during the conflict, among the over 2 million in Africa still orphaned each year according to UNICEF.

Published: January 2020

Artfair Snapshot: JUSTMAD Emerging Artfair: MADRID By Rachel Vancelette

Quickfire Interview Spotlight with Semíramis González, Artistic director of JUSTMAD Art Fair

Could you tell us about the history of JUSTMAD Artfair Madrid?

JUSTMAD was born eleven years ago with the intention of exhibiting the best emerging art proposals from around the world. From the first edition of 20 galleries, we have had almost 60 this 2020, and from countries such as Mexico, Peru, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Mozambique and, of course, Spain.

Published: June 2020

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Quickfire Artist Series: The Supreme Value of the Peanut: Interview with Spanish Artist Ana Barriga by Rachel Vancelette

Spanish artist Ana Barriga is reaching new heights with her current solo exhibition and continues to take the international art world by storm.  Noted celebrities, art collectors, and top-tier footballers are collecting and snapping up her artwork- resulting in a sold-out sensation! The artist caught the eye of famous Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos who bought a series of paintings on the opening night. For her solo show at Kristin Hjellegjerde’s gallery in London Bridge, the artist presents a new series of imaginative paintings that visualize everyday life in the “peanut community.” Through these surreal scenarios, Barriga pokes fun at real-life conventions, offering the viewer the opportunity to both laugh at and question the foundations on which civilizations are built.  

Published: March 2020

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Artfair Snapshot: LA Frieze Art Fair 2020 : A Sold Out Sensation! by Rachel Vancelette

LA Frieze Art Fair certainly was full surprises with the glitterati and international art collectors seeking the latest VIP ticket for the 2020 edition. Sold out tickets before it even opened and just in time for Valentine’s Day shopping, the second edition of the LA edition presented more than 70 galleries from around the world, showing the latest in contemporary artworks by both emerging and established artists. Many artworks were rumored to have presold before the doors even opened and immediately snapped up at the opening hour! Art advisors, art lovers, and art collectors were running down the aisles to capture the first view and the competition was certainly on for the latest contemporary artwork. 


Published :March 2020

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Critically acclaimed member of the Royal Shakespseare Company, 46 year old British actor Ray Fearon of stage, theater and film has joined forces with renowned artist/filmmaker 59 year old Isaac Julien to create a stunning film installation work titled “Reflection on Place.” The world premiere film brings Frederick Douglass to life in vignettes placed in replicas of the rooms where this larger than life escaped slave, abolitionist, statesman and orator gave his powerful speeches.

“The work is about looking at Frederick Douglass through the present to the past and then back again,” says John G. Hanhardt, curator of the work. Frederick Douglass was one of the most photographed and highly profiled persons of his time so the challenge for Fearon and Julien was to recreate him as a flesh and blood man in both private and public moments during his extraordinary life. The installation can be viewed currently at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY and will be screened at Miami Art Basel this December.

Published: December 2019

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Contemporary Artist Fabian Marcaccio: Environmental Paintants | Quickfire Interview Artist Series during COVID19 Lockdown 2020

Can you speak about your daily routine in the art studio?

In the last years, I become a studio-bound painter, but early on, I was more nomad, like a contractor doing my Environmental Paintants, All around the world. This gigantic mural-like painting needed me to be on site. Now, I can be busy with a square inch of painting for a week, but before, I made 100 meters of painting flowing from a museum to the urban space of the city at the same time. Every new body of work, I do changes my studio routine, often changing my routine to make a new type of work. For example, in order to stop drinking, I start to make the rope paintings. These paintings are challenging to make, so they keep me sober. My studio is like a laboratory. I am running A cluster of 3D printers, testing new fluidic material, making digital paint animations...All at the same time. I love the idea of living in paint, expanding painting. Total painting making...

Published: September/October 2020

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