The French iteration of Opulent Landscapes travel to Saint-Paul De Vence | 2017

The original exhibition in New York City travel for a summer with a smaller selection from the larger showcased in New York Chelsea Gallery.

SAINT-PAUL DE VENCE – De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce that Opulent Landscapes, curated by Rachel D. Vancelette, will be traveling to Saint-Paul de Vence, France, for the summer launch of our project space.

The French iteration of Opulent Landscapes will present a new selection of artworks by the following artists: Jeffrey Gibson, Sislej Xhafa, Robert Lazzarini, Gal Weinstein, Juan Garaizabal, Martin Kline, Fabian Marcaccio, Seren Morey, and Nir Hod. The exhibition will be on view by appointment only from June 24 through September 10, 2017 with an invitation-only opening reception on Saturday, June 24 from 17:00h – 20:00h.

Opulent Landscapes presents several exceptional artists who will examine themes related to dream-like realities and alternative architectural spaces, both in real time and in altered computerized creations. Using concepts of optical distortion within their individual artistic practice, the active exercise of “hand versus machine” is revealed using a variety of materials, transporting the viewer’s visual experiences. Their creations alter 3D space and time, using lavish patterns of materiality and alternative elements, from slick surface painting to remarkable views of altered graphic relief.

Artworks’ materiality and on-going process now play a vital role in each artist’s studio practice and artistic statement. From the “handmade to the machine made”, the audience will see a shift in the perceived narrative of how each artwork was created. Examination of handmade traditions in artistic studio practice can now be removed from the actual materials process, and/or enhanced by classic, but computerized, methods of weaving, painting, printing and sculpture. From the beginning and end points of 3D printings, to the molded, cut, glued and colored patterns, the artist can trick the eye of the viewer at any moment. Gestures, lines, movement and materials all transport the audience to an unrestricted vision of multiple landscapes and dream-like adventures.

Opulent Landscapes will premier Jeffrey Gibson’s new series of paintings entitled Village, Stillwater, and Dusk, which all emphasize color and geometric form. The exhibition is also featuring works by two artists included in this year’s Venice Biennale, Sislej Xhafa (Kosovo Pavilion) and Gal Weinstein (Israel Pavilion). Xhafa’s “Association in Yellow”, a conceptual relic of the artist’s performance during PERFORMA New York in 2005 will be on view.