Richard Prince: Super Group

Richard Prince: Super Group

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Author: Richard Prince

Number Of Pages: 92

Publisher: Holzwarth Publications

Release Date: 12-06-2018


While Richard Prince (born 1949) is most often discussed for his strategies as an appropriation artist―from the Marlboro cowboys in the 1980s to the Instagram portraits today―it is his own work as a painter that stands at the center of his approach: starting with paintings of jokes and cartoons, following up with, among other things, nurses and cowboys taken from the covers of dime novels, and freewheeling riffs on Picasso and de Kooning.

For his extensive new series Super Group, Prince uses objects loaded with meaning: the inner sleeves of vinyl records, which he collages on canvas and then overpaints with band names, abstract washes and funny figures. Richard Prince: Super Group presents 51 works in this new series, engaging with the question of how we define ourselves by our choices of objects, images and music.

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