Vancelette Global Art Acquisitions Service Offerings

VGAA Service Offerings:

Dedicated to the art industry, Vancelette over the years has launched new international gallery spaces, art exhibitions and curatorial programming globally. VGAA Corp. offerings provide art consultation and strategic advisement for collectors, museums, art galleries and arts organizations with a focus on international art fairs, curatorial advisement, art placement, institutional relations, artist management, museum acquisitions & donations, business consultation, real estate collaborations, and gallery management.

VGAA consultation actively contracts and engages a select and diverse group of private clientele focused on areas in global art acquisitions, collection management, business management and collaborative advisement across companies such as art galleries, art studios, art auctions, exhibitions, art fairs, art collections, art & fashion businesses, charities, non-profits, key brands and specialized client to client experiences. Engaging and planning for financial management, curatorial planning, programming & investment, buying & selling and long-term strategies for success to start to grow, evolve and maintain an art collection or art business in today's ever growing art industry is key.

Appraisal, Estate Planning, Business Consultation, Private Sales

With a certification in art appraisal and expertise in blue chip, mid-career and emerging artist sectors of the contemporary art market, VGAA provides private art consultation services including areas such as art acquisitions, private sales, appraisal and reviews, estate planning, business consultation and curatorial management for leading art collectors, artists and art advisors; multiple private and public art collections; non-profits, art foundations and museums in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States.

VGAA Corp has now launched V-3D Gallery Service:

VGAA offers a bespoke service tailored to your commercial needs, creating beautiful 3D Virtual Reality walk throughs of art galleries, museums and arts organizations serving clients throughout the globe. Create your virtual world today.

Our new "Art Future of the Internet is 3D" includes creating completely virtual 3D spaces - from Art Galleries, Art Showrooms, Art Fairs. VGAA creates unique 3D showrooms with interactive and engaging floor plans. Create your own art world today!  

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